SOS 18 Workshop
March 17-20, 2014
St. Moritz, Switzerland

SOS is an invitation-only series of highly interactive workshops on Distributed Supercomputing organised by Sandia National Laboratories, Oak Ridge National Laboratories and the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

Supercomputers as scientific instruments

The theme of the 2014 workshop is "Supercomputers as scientific instruments" that will visit the following topics:

  • What and who should drive the development of supercomputers? The centres or domain science communities?
  • Should these supercomputers be general purpose or appliances?
  • Should they exist as standalone infrastructures or be integrated with experimental facilities or domain specific research centres?
  • Furthermore, there is great interest in discussing the many dimensions of software and its sustainable development. Is the traditional split into application software vs. system software sustainable, or should we consider developing a new middleware layer for scientific computing? If yes, what should it look like and why would its development be more sustainable?